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13/11/2015 · Support me on Patreon! – https://www.patreon.com/guycollins Get the Kaizo Trap Download Pack for $5 and support my channel! http://mondomedia.com/digital_sho

作者: Guy Collins Animation
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13/11/2015 · Guy Collins – KAIZO TRAP piano cover (music: Leslie Wai – Paradigm) – Duration: 7:51. Ph0nix1991 26,261 views 7:51 My Hero Academia OST – You Say Run + Jet Set Run (You Say Run v2) – Duration: 7:35.

作者: Leslie Wai

26/2/2016 · 2019.01.20更新: 因為Youtube從2019.01.15開始全面停用影片註解功能,所以這個互動遊戲現在已經沒辦法玩了,也算是時代的眼淚了呢,這個文章就留著當作紀念吧。感謝斷魚雷大大的留言告知囉。 「孔明の罠 – kaizo T

A specific type of Video Game Hope Spot. You’ve just single-handedly ventured through traps, Mooks, monsters and puzzles, unearthed the Big Bad’s plan, and beaten the boss into a fine pulp. All is good, and now all that’s left is to walk through the Level Goal and

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So, I want to make a game inspired by Kaizo Trap, but i’d probably need Guy Collins’ permission. How do i contact him to ask for permission? Some time ago I did this cover, I felt like “is not good” and putted it on private a bit after the release but now I think is a

27/9/2019 · A Kaizo Trap is a type of video game Hope Spot: You have just finished a difficult challenge, such as defeating a boss, completing a level, or even winning the whole game. The battle is over and you breathe a sigh of relief. Then the game kills you during the victory cutscene, and you have to do it

9/2/2019 · 지형 및 스테이지 컨셉은 소닉 더 헤지혹 시리즈를 중심으로 어레인지한 것으로 보인다. 다양한 각도로 꺾어지는 지형, 위로 솟아오르는 물고기 적, 가시 트랩, 스프링 트램펄린 등 소닉 시리즈의 스테이지 기믹을 많이 갖고 있으며, 게임 세계에서

里面有一份是Kaizo Trap视频中出现过的游戏说明册的pdf版,介绍了一些游戏背景,基本上补完了表·剧情,而且也有很多有意思的小细节(比如说其他答案都提过的隐藏结局

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20/10/2016 · Welcome to the KAIZO TRAP WORLD CLASS SERVICE Center for General Consumer Support and Automated Customer Assistance Subreddit on the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, our staff are currently incapable of providing assistance. If you have a complaint

24/9/2019 · A description of tropes appearing in Kaizo Trap. The concept of a game sucking players in is nothing new, but what if that game were a Platform Hell sort, a

Support me on Patreon! – https://www.patreon.com/guycollins Get the Kaizo Trap Download Pack for $5 and support my channel! http://mondomedia.com/digital_shop/vi Join us

21/11/2017 · Kaizo Trap下载,Kaizo Trap是一款视频解谜游戏,游戏拥有极高的难度,极度考验玩家的神经,游戏内的关卡设计的非常复杂,玩家能够体验到无穷的挑战难度,此外,这款游戏对玩家的神经也是一个极大的考验哦。游戏关卡丰富,非常具有挑战的乐趣。

A game, most commonly videos games, that is so ridiculously difficult that it would be considered a kaizo game. The difference between the simple kaizo genre and a kaizo trap, is that a kaizo trap puts the player into a position where after struggling for a good half

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Kaizo Trap攻略大全 孔明的陷阱结局大全[多图],KaizoTrap怎么才能通关?孔明的陷阱通关攻略是什么?KaizoTrap总共有多少个结局攻略?最终的结局到底是什么?嗨客胖Z给大家带来KaizoTrap攻略大全的内容。首先是stage0,badend这个还是很简单的

2019.01.20更新: 因為Youtube從2019.01.15開始全面停用影片註解功能,所以這個互動遊戲現在已經沒辦法玩了,也算是時代的眼淚了呢,這個文章就留著當作紀念吧。 感謝斷魚雷大大的留言告知囉。 「孔明の罠 – kaizo Trap」是一部在Youtube上由Guy Collins

Kaizo Traps A Kaizo Trap is any trap that was either used in Kaizo Mario World, or a variation on one of its traps. Now, it more commonly refers to any trap that is meant to annoy the player. These include, but are not limited to: Original Kaizo Trap A pit after the

Kaizo Trap 孔明的陷阱的视频,攻略,评测,图片,评分,讨论, 帮助你判断是否好玩,发现更多相似好游戏及爱玩这些游戏的人

孔明の罠 – Kaizo Trap ネタバレ ここからは動画を見たことを前提でネタバレをガンガン話す。 事の発端は Leslie Waiというミュージックアーティストが発表した曲を、Guy Collinsというオーストラリアのアニメアーティストがyoutubeで発見し、ミュージック

동명(孔明の罠)의 유투브 미궁 게임인 Kaizo Trap이 있다. 위에서 언급된 막장 마리오 쪽을 의미하는 것에 가까우나, 영상 시작부 뒷쪽 액자에 이 짤방이 희미하게 보이는 것을 보아 제목은 이

西西提供Kaizo Trap游戏下载,KaizoTrap游戏是一款手机解密游戏。在本游戏中玩家需要不停的去拯救男友哟。看过这个游戏视频的都知道,男友因为游戏机礼物而被传送到了

본편 트레일러 썸네일이나 본편의 49초대에 나오는 뒷배경 그림은 기다려, 당황하지 마라! 이건 공명의 함정이다!의 장면이다. Kaizo Trap 카이조 트랩 1 설명 유튜버 [Guy

相关游戏:超级马里奥 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIES3ii-IOg 原视频名:孔明の罠 – Kaizo Trap [孔明的陷阱 – Kaizo Trap]是油管上由Guy Collins

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Kaizo Mario (Asshole Mario as it’s some times called) is arguly the most hardest Super Mario Hack ever. Kaizo Mario World is a rom hack of Super Mario World

Kaizo Trap 孔明的陷阱的视频,攻略,评测,图片,评分,讨论, 帮助你判断是否好玩,发现更多相似好游戏及爱玩这些游戏的人

Okay so I recently found this video called 孔明の罠 – Kaizo Trap (Animation by Guy Collins Animation music by Leslie Wai) and OMG it’s so cool! I love the entire idea

前言:孔明の罠 – Kaizo Trap今天(2016.02.14),情人节,一个叫「孔明の罠 – Kaizo Trap」的视频在微博上火了。在一天的时间内就有了12万的转发,对于一个游戏类型的

Kaizo Mario World [a], also known as Asshole Mario, is a series of three ROM hacks of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game Super Mario World, created by

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어느날 이 영상에 덧글이 달립니다. 그리고 전설이 시작되었습니다. 공명의 함정. 그러니까 Kaizo Trap은 엔딩이 총 다섯가지가 있습니다. 기본적으로 유튜브의 링크기능과 비

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Okay so I recently found this video called 孔明の罠 – Kaizo Trap (Animation by Guy Collins Animation music by Leslie Wai) and OMG it’s so cool! I love the entire idea behind it and the music is so catchy! So I looked it up to see if there was any fanart of it and I

Kaizo Trap 孔明的陷阱的视频,攻略,评测,图片,评分,讨论, 帮助你判断是否好玩,发现更多相似好游戏及爱玩这些游戏的人

Kaizo Trap攻略大全 孔明的陷阱结局大全[多图],KaizoTrap怎么才能通关?孔明的陷阱通关攻略是什么?KaizoTrap总共有多少个结局攻略?最终的结局到底是什么?嗨客胖Z给大家带来KaizoTrap攻略大全的内容。首先是stage0,badend这个还是很简单的

Kaizo Trap是根据油管上的爆火视频解谜游戏所研发的一款趣味手游,开启逃生之路,这是一个没有存档的游戏,所以大家要一路通关到底,感受游戏的乐趣和布满荆棘的前路,找到

前言:孔明の罠 – Kaizo Trap今天(2016.02.14),情人节,一个叫「孔明の罠 – Kaizo Trap」的视频在微博上火了。在一天的时间内就有了12万的转发,对于一个游戏类型的视频,我觉得这个数量挺巨大的了

別人的女友總是不讓人失望 credit:孔明の罠 – Kaizo Trap #經典複習 可憐的男朋友攤上這樣的女友